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Learn More about the Airstream Globetrotter in Baton Rouge, LA

The new Airstream Globetrotter combines a beautiful, clean aesthetic with modern comforts for a seamless experience that Louisiana travelers will never forget. With an interior influenced by European design and the classy exterior that is expected of the Airstream, an Airstream Globetrotter from Airstream of Louisiana will be the perfect travel trailer and companion throughout Louisiana and beyond. 

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A View from Outside the Airstream Globetrotter

As a modern revival of an old-time favorite, the Airstream Globetrotters at Airstream of Louisiana capture the sense of adventure and wonder that inspired the original line of Globetrotters. The aerodynamic body of the Airstream Globetrotter makes it a fuel-efficient addition, and an exterior fitted with solar panels and a rearview camera means that this travel trailer is made for easier, safer trips and lasting energy. With a durable build that can last for decades, the Airstream Globetrotter is prepared to take Louisiana travelers wherever the wind blows them. 

Tour the Inside of an Airstream Globetrotter

The interior of the Airstream Globetrotter evokes the stylistic traditions of European designs. The kitchen area and the bathroom are both created with high-end, modern appliances and countertops, and the Franke faucets align beautifully with the rest of the interior decor. Covered in HITCH™ woven upholstery, the seating options in this travel trailer are strong, yet comfortable. With an inside that exudes class and comfort, it’s almost impossible for Louisiana wanderers not to feel at home in one of the Airstream Globetrotters from Airstream of Louisiana.

Even when you’re away from the rest of the world, you can still be connected. This travel trailer is equipped with a Fusion Touch Screen Surround Sound Stereo, which can connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay and SiriusXM. The LG HDTV and Blu-Ray player allow for Louisiana travelers to watch the things they love when they’re finished exploring. Embedded with quality features like the ability to sleep up to 6 people, the Airstream Globetrotter at Airstream of Louisiana is more than just a trailer; it’s a second home.  

Drive Away in an Airstream Globetrotter from Airstream of Louisiana

Balanced Goodyear® Endurance tires make the Airstream Globetrotter ready to go after receiving it from Airstream of Louisiana. A Torsion Axle Suspension and 4 Powered Heavy Duty Stabilizer Jacks mean that this travel trailer moves and stops with sturdiness, wherever the Louisiana roads may take you. With aluminum handles, entry steps, hinges and more, you can be sure that the Airstream Globetrotter has its Louisiana travelers covered. Visit Airstream of Louisiana to see just how well this travel trailer makes you feel like you’re at home, even when you’re miles away.

Authorized Airstream International Signature Dealer in Baton Rouge, LA

Contact Airstream of Louisiana, a family-owned, authorized Airstream dealer in Louisiana for more details on Globetrotter floor plans, specifications, color options and additional features. We are a dedicated and knowledgeable South Louisiana RV dealer that enjoys showing adventurers our impressive selection of Airstream Globetrotter travel trailers we have available. We can provide you with the RV of your dreams, then it's up to you to provide all of the fun and adventure!